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3rd Feb, 2018

Ranty Rant - Work

In temporarily, even though I won't give any dangerous details it's probably better I not leave this open for long. 

Ranty Rant )

2nd Nov, 2015

I have a theory

Just Die Already

I’m afraid this is a very spoilery post. I know a lot of you aren’t up to date with Doctor Who so I’m giving you the warning and chance to opt out. However, the spoilery is in a very limited fashion and I would hope wouldn’t spoil your overall viewing.

Many of you have probably read bigger spoilers than this. )

Oh and if you’re wondering, the Doctor is looking very desperate and sad regarding her right now. In fact, he’s gone a bit...midlife-crisis :/

5th Jul, 2014

Teen Wolf - Doctor Who crossover

Title: Tempus Angelicus

Author: Spaghettitoes

Fandom/Ship: Teen Wolf - Doctor Who crossover with a dash of Sterek

Rating: PG13

Word Count: 11.8k

Timeline: Post S2 Teen Wolf and pre the Ponds (briefly!) rejoining the Doctor

Warnings: Stuff happens to people but I don’t think anything more upsetting than you’d get from watching the TV shows.

Summary: An old friend, some new friends and ill-intentioned, super powered creatures – this is just Stiles’ life now.  

Disclaimers: I have no connection with Teen Wolf, MTV, Doctor Who or the BBC...Yet! *wrings hands menacingly*  

After writing my TW/DW crossover drabble I read this fic, which gave inspiration to the desire to build my drabble up. I’d like to acknowledge them for the foundations of this story which I then ran with in my own way.

A/N: Beta’d by amo amas amat but I made a few little tweaks afterwards so I must accept some responsibility for this story. Head back here if you want to comment.

I completely own that I label this a DW story so I can use British spelling. I am however having a mid-life-crisis with my commas and speech punctuation so please be forgiving.

PDF on Google: Tempus Angelicus  

4th Jul, 2014

Posting Post

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26th Jun, 2014

Time to finish that Fic

*peers over glasses at you*
It appears you all have unfinished stories, maybe even un-started stories, hidden away on your hard-drives like a dirty little secret.
You disgust me.
*triple secures my own files*
You've left me no choice, finish that story or perish.

The Details )

(Cats rule the internet so they're in charge)

17th Apr, 2014

Fic Happened

So this happened - feel free to blame all the people who write unrealistic kid!fic (regarding child behaviour and parenting in general obviously, I'm not about to start arguing theories of mpreg) and the ridiculous amount of free time I have at work.

No getting together because kids make me broody/your excellence as a parent gets me hot
No suggestion that teens are totes suitable parents and shouldn't we all just be having babies right now
Title chosen purely because I like Anna's suffering.
Flirts with canon but you don't need to be up to date to read it.

Title: The Age-Shift
Fandom(Pairing): Teen Wolf (Sterek)
Rating: PG (the PGist, you’re more at risk of tooth rot than emotional trauma)
Word Count: 15.5k
Summary: Derek and Stiles annoy a witch, as they are often want to do.
Disclaimers: I still ain’t got nuffin to do with Teen Wolf or MTV, I may have to reassess my career goals.
Warnings: While there is Adderall prescribing information for four year olds, no respectable paediatrician will diagnose a pre-school child with ADHD; they have no access to dosage information in this story and I personally wouldn’t advocate giving powerful medication to children. You probably shouldn’t give them Mace either but I’m flexible on that apparently.
Chronology: Post S3a near-future AU (what, it takes time to write things y’know!)
A/N: Blame Anna: she forced me, through corrupt means, to post this. She also beta’d so blame her twice. All typos are hers, how can I be held responsible for my own actions? American terminology, British spelling – this is the compromise I offer you.

The Age-Shift (link to PDF on Google)

31st Mar, 2014

Should I watch BBC's Musketeers?

So as the first Season is finished I thought I'd do a little post about Musketeers for you - no spoilers beyond what I've already tweeted vaguely.

This is a picture heavy post so here there be a cut )

15th Jan, 2014

Pic Heavy Disney Post of Shame

A Treatise on the Presence and Evolution of Nipples in Disney Animation
(aka Disney!Nipples)

Click for Trauma )

Thank you to all the people I stole the pictures from - they're links so you can back-track and perv at the source if you want.

14th Jan, 2014

Dream Madness

I thought about how quiet IJ is and how neglectful I have been of it and also how annoying Twitter is when you want to say something more than 140 chars. So I decided to write-up my dream weirdness here for old-times sake. 

1st Jul, 2013

The Angels Take Edinburgh

So when I first moved to my new job I visited my eventually-to-be new office and discovered my very own stone/weeping angel.

As you can see, she is mighty impressive.

So today I went back for another visit because the shops around any of my offices? Not so hot...

Turns out, there's a nest! )

21st Apr, 2013

Repeats and Thoughts

So I was watching an old episode of "Mock the Week" - it's a clip show so I can't tell you the exact episode or find a clip on You Tube so you will just have to trust me.

So they referenced this news story, where a milk tanker went off the road and crashed through three houses.

This story and hence the episode of Mock the Week which followed took place in January 2007.

My point?

The panel, upon revealing what happened, spend a good 4-5 minutes throwing back and fourth jokes about a man in the third house possibly having a strong desire for milk in his tea/cereal etc. This then goes on to be about a man with Magneto like powers who can draw and manipulate milk. Hilarious. But simply wonderful when you realise that this episode of Misfits aired in December 2010.

Silly/pointless but I just love the idea that one of the shows writers was watching that episode and thought BRILLIANT. I like remembering where my story ideas stemmed from, I hope this is what happened here. It is now my head-canon anyway.

2nd Apr, 2013

In The Flesh: Pimp Post

This is not as coherent and suave as I'd like my first pimp post in a loooooong time to be but I...erm...I'm newly risen from the dead and I'm not all I cracked up to be....
The Least Spoilery Bit


So for those of you who have missed my flailing on Twitter there’s this show, called In The Flesh, shown on the BBC and you need to watch it now. It consists of three hour-long episodes into which they have carefully and craftily squished an entire world of possibilities.


We join a world that has seen all those who died a year before “The Rising” wake from the dead and walk the Earth. They are now being held in treatment centres and rehabilitated back into the community.


In these three brief hours the following subjects are explored: life & death (okay, you expected that right?), the differing consequences of death on the people left behind, prejudice (individually and within groups), religion, hysteria, romantic love, friendship, family bonds, Government relations with small communities, identity, how people would cope with the Zombie!Apocalypse, peer pressure, courage, political correctness, mental health problems...and those are just the ones I can think of right now without being spoilery.


It’s fantastic! There’s a lot in there for such a short series but it’s written and paced well so you’re kept interested and invested throughout without feeling like anything has been unnecessarily rushed or drawn out. The story, despite being about the dead rising from the grave, is surprisingly realistic in terms of how people react to the situations they’re in and the relationships they have. Not only does it broach how people and the country would react to something like this but it uses the story to show us how people respond to any issues of prejudice – from  it being a commonly accepted thing, to social and political changes and how those who retain those prejudices react to and perceive that. In amongst it all are the people being affected by the issue and their families, how the sympathetic are treated by friends and neighbours and how opinions change. What’s great is that it accepts some of the zombie genre classics such as Night of the Living Dead’s sudden, unexplained uprising instead of the modern virus alternative but then takes it to the point of – well if it’s not a virus it’s not transmittable through fluid exchange. I also adore the


I don’t want to divulge more without a cut but it’s all wrapped up for the character but with the very clear sense of how much more there is to the world the writer has created. We get the poignant story of Kieren Walker, a young man who died and rose again and is now being returned home to a town where the people have maintained a fanatical hatred of those who have risen while the rest of the country is moving on. To worsen his situation, the circumstances surrounding Kieran’s death haven’t subsided, if anything his new-found status just highlights it.


A fun way to get the spoiler free background on In The Flesh is to watch these three videos, mocked up by the BBC, showing the Government’s response and advice in the face of The Rising.  


The Slightly More Spoliery Bit

Cut for spoilers ) ...
... I want to say so much more but you’ve all watched and/or are about to watch so flail with me in the comments!

10th Mar, 2013

This is not a test. Well, actually it is.

As many of you will have noticed. I have a terrible track record with my teeth. This is all because when I get down I stop taking care of myself and the first thing to go (after um, eating like a sensible person) is brushing my teeth. And I have little, vulnerable teeth. Because of this it’s something that always upsets me.

Long story short I’m having a tooth removed. There is planning and organising involved. Also Diazepam (aka
Valium ). Next Friday is the big day and I’ll remind you all again then with appropriate warnings.

But for now, my GP says I should try to Diazepam once beforehand so I know how it affects me (I kid you not). Therefore today is Anything-Could-Happen-Day! I apologise now if I get very weird or random (or excessively miserable: I’m fairly sure I’d be a miserable, angry drunk) or just drop off the internet completely for a few hours.

30th Jan, 2013

Quick and Dirty Fic Post

Because I needed to post some fic and this just happened so I thought it would forgive me.

Title: Group Therapy
Author: C’est Moi.
Fandom (Pairing): Teen Wolf (Sterek pre-slash)
Rating: PG-15
Warnings: Life Misery – if there’s a trigger in the show, it’s in here (except gore)
Word Count: 679
Summary: Peter is back and apparently everyone has to find closure or some such crap...
Disclaimer: I’m not in any way associated with Teen Wolf and that is something I will just sit here and quietly cry over. Maybe they need someone in wardrobe? I would iron if it got me near this show. I will sew on buttons, I have no pride...
A/N: Unbeta’d as my Wifey is busy and this just crept up on me like a mugger then ran away. It’s better to talk about these things right? Inspired by a fic that intimated Stiles’ mother died in a...well, you’ll see. That story did not see the potential in that idea that I did, which is a shame. I’d give them a mention if I remembered to save my links – sorry!

Stiles officially hates this idea...

3rd Sep, 2012

Honestly, I did make some...

So I did actually try to make some icons and yeah, I lost track of all those categories too. As I didn't have a single show I focused mostly on Sherlock and Teen Wolf. Here's what happened....

I have iconed )

30th Jul, 2012

Jedi Kitten aka What icons?

This is not the deadline you are looking for.

Jedi Kitten demands icons. 
However she understands that you've all been under her thumb really busy taking care of other important stuff that keeps happening. 
Jedi Kitten will be happy with icons whenever you get them to her. 

(Caution: Exposure to Jedi Kitten may cause the urge to buy fish)

24th Jun, 2012

Icon Challenge

My New Shiny - Part One
Part the first: if we're going to have an icon challenge we need a list of all the new shows/musicals/films/general obsessions that are swimming around in the igloo.

So while I have a really good think about the different categories and all the silly, weird things I can make you do *rubs hands gleefully* let me know what kind of range we've got....

13th Jun, 2012

Caution: Rant Ahead

So it might just be me but

It's political correctness gone mad! *writes to the Daily Mail*

9th May, 2012

Random post of sobby joy

My friend's husband is a big-time Atheist and his re-awakening on FB has been both a blessing and a curse. This is one of the blessings.

So it's always been part of the dichotomy of me that despite all the depression I have this wonder and joy at the very existence of....well, everything! That some of the simplest things we take for granted are so unbelievably unlikely that we we're even here is a miracle IMO.

Well this site has made lots of lectures/documentaries into music videos/songs.

Symphony of Science

It's some-how embodying that feeling of awe and holding out on a plate to you all the amazing that there is in the world. I've just sat for more than an hour listening to all of the songs and it's so worth it. I had to share it with you in a more comprehensive/less hysterical way (than Twitter).

5th Feb, 2012

Updating and Fic


This post comes to you from the midst of a few unfinished posts where I try to be updatey or flaily but I lack the concentration (and the time, sheesh, this was easier when I had a job where I could stop and do IJ posts from time to time - all this actual work is ridic!)

Fish are Friends, not Food )